The Commons

4 COMMONS—here it is, the master plan!

Many of us have a nostalgic memory of the old neighborhood playground. We may still be able to picture that rough old teeter totter, but it’s likely the sense of community we enjoyed that still resonates inside of us. Remember, the master plan is not about bricks and mortar. Common space symbolizes relationships, connectedness, and common values.

Eagle Heights is a community connected by Christ!


If you are looking through this site, we probably share some common ground—things like God, family, virtue, service. It’s not difficult to label these things. They are the important things in life. It’s tough to make them a priority, and really order our lives around them. Too often, life gets busy and we lose our ball in the weeds.

The purpose of Eagle Heights Church is to help each other make what is really important in life, functionally important in living.


You already know we value each other. We are also unbending when it comes to an orthodox statement of faith which you can find here (link).

These are a few more values that we find helpful in clarifying our identity.

Spiritual but not superstitious We share the belief that there is a spiritual dimension to life; but we are not superstitious. We want to draw a sharp distinction between faith and gullibility. A broad outline of the foundation goes like this: If Jesus Christ rose from the dead, then the Bible is God’s revelation and communicates truth about origins, meaning, morals and destiny that good science can’t discover. We believe that there is enough evidence to make faith reasonable, but not enough to make it unnecessary. God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit—yes! Unicorns and power crystals—not so much.

Devout but not religious Being devout is a virtue here, but we’re not religious in the popular sense. Religion is generally seen as a way for man to earn God’s favor. That’s not possible according to the Bible. We believe God has provided what humanity could never achieve. Salvation is all about God’s grace. We receive God’s gift by believing.

Doctrine but not indoctrination Knowledge is critical, but the word “indoctrinate” misses the point. Like any relationship, you can’t get to know God without information. But that information is just part of getting to know God. It’s no substitute for personal experience in faith and love.

Satisfied but not self-­absorbed We find our life with the Lord and each other to be tremendously fulfilling. But Eagle Heights is less about personal satisfaction than giving God his due. This is more than a nod to God, or keeping a sense of wonder. “Worship” is really the only word that fits.


Our neighborhood association is heavy on grace. That means each person is loved, valued, and respected on the basis of God-­given worth. That doesn’t mean a person’s lifestyle is unimportant.

When you’re a voluntary member of a community there is an accepted standard of behavior. These expectations may be carefully codified or completely unspoken. The Bible is our final word on these things. If our expectations don’t square with the Bible, point it out. Don’t you feel more comfortable when you know what’s expected?

So what’s expected? God wants us to show up—to make ourselves available. When we yield our ordinary selves to his extraordinary power, good things happen. So what we’re talking about is not for a few Christian zealots, it’s for ordinary folks like all of us.

First shared experience—ordinary devotion

Intimacy with God develops through a life-­long “conversation.” We hear God primarily in his word, but also through other people and the circumstances of life. We respond to God when we say “yes” (or no!) in the deepest part of our being. We talk back to God in prayer and in obedience to the word that we have heard. An ordinary walk pays attention to this ongoing conversation.

Second shared experience—ordinary love

Jesus answered a question about the greatest commandment by saying: “Love the Lord your God with everything you have—and love your neighbor as yourself.” This is faith in our hands as well as in our heads.

Third shared experience—ordinary attempts

The joy of an eternal relationship with God is worth sharing—but sometimes hard to express. But we can all make “ordinary attempts.” Do what is doable and count what really counts. Be aware and be available. It’s an attempt, not an accomplishment. No extra credit for succeeding and no demerits for failing.


We’re not talking 401Ks and gold coins. We expect these investments to last a lot longer and be far more valuable when all is said and done. These are some of the places we’re making regular contributions:

At Eagle Heights:
  • Weekly worship service
  • HeirBorn training
  • Young Adults
  • Women’s and Men’s functions
In Omaha:
  • *Barnabas Ministries
  • The Gideons International
  • Teen Serve
  • *Child Evangelism Fellowship
  • In our own spheres of influence
  • *Gil & Jamie Kimmons (Glad Tidings Bible Camp)
  • *Rick & Ruth Guenther (House For All Nations)
  • *Michelle Mally (Orphan ministries) Ananiev Baptist Church
Christian Broadcasting:
  • *Malaga Media Center

*Missionaries and ministries supported in our regular budget.

An updated blog for our missionaries is maintained in the “members” area of this site.