What a Beautiful “Dei”

We often hear a message that sounds like:  ”live free.” “be true to yourself,” and  ”cast off expectations.”   Sounds noble enough.  But when it all gets cooked down, it can turn out to be a doctrine of being responsible to no one but yourself; of answering to no one higher than yourself.  Is that freedom or bondage? Jesus lived a profound life.  He lived a beautiful life.  And He was always conscious of a divine “must.” The little Greek word “dei” seems to be really important in Luke’s Gospel.  It talks about something that is a necessity either by divine plan or by moral obligation.  Let’s track that word through Jesus life.  Let’s see how the divine “must” played out in his action.  Let’s pack up some lessons and take them home. BeautifulDaySlide
Beautiful “Dei”Luke 2:41-52
My “to-dei” ListLuke 4:14-44
On My Way To-deiLuke 13:31-35
S”dei” AlertLuke 19:1-10
The Order of the DeiLuke 22:35-38
Light Bulb Moment with the Light of the WorldLuke 24:36-49

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