Stake Your Claim

In 1889 tens of thousands of anxious settlers waited at the edge of opportunity.  Then, when canons roared, the rush was on for Oklahoma land.  Boomers spurred their horses, Sooners crept out of hiding, and all joined the mad dash to stake a claim and alter their destiny. In the Old Testament, it was Joshua and the children of the Exodus generation standing on the edge of the Jordan River.  They didn’t respond to the grant of a president but to the promise of God made to their father Abraham. Joshua is history.  Read it and witness the hand of God in the affairs of men.  Joshua is prophecy.  Read it and become acquainted with the ways of the Lord.  Joshua is analogy.  Hear the call of God to stake YOUR claim in the promises and provision God has made for you. Slide1    
On the Edge of Something Great Joshua Intro
Moment of Truth Joshua 1:1-3
A Rested Development Joshua 1:1-5
The Battle Before the Fight Joshua 1:1-9
Of Leaders and Followers Joshua 1:10-18
The Long Reach of God's Grace Joshua 2
No Leap of Faith Joshua 3-4
Rites of Passage Joshua 5:2-12
YHWH's War Joshua 5:13-6:27
Guilt by Association Joshua 7
I Do, Round Two Joshua 8:30-35
Caveat Emptor Joshua 9
A Day Like No Other Joshua 10
Time to Own It Joshua 13
Whole Hearted Joshua 14:6-15
Coulda Shoulda Woulda Joshua 17-18

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