Settling on “Plan Be”

The beatitudes form the first portion of what has been called “The Sermon on the Mount.”   There is probably no speech, no discourse, no sermon that has gotten more attention in all of history.  It’s beauty, and it’s power are unparalleled.  Jesus’ words deserve as much art as exposition.  They are from another world–perhaps that is why this chanting of them in Russian is such a moving expression. Who are these blessings for? Originally proclaimed by King Jesus to the Jewish heirs of kingdom promises, these transcendent virtues are directly applicable to believers in this church age who will, because of the cross, also participate in kingdom blessings.  They represent what kingdom citizens look like now, while we continue to wait for the millennial age. Is the blessing now or in the future? These people are to be considered blessed now for having God’s seal of approval which will ultimately be rewarded. I’m calling this series:  “Settling on Plan Be” where “Be” stands for the beatitudes.  Plan “A” is where we are strong, and successful, and satisfied in ordinary terms.  It’s the most natural thing in the world.  But it is strangely out of order for a kingdom that’s not of this world.  And so as we sit at Jesus’ feet and listen, I hope we will forget “Plan A” and settle on “Plan Be.”  God’s “Plan Be” is a compelling vision for Christ’s character being formed in you.  It’s you at your best–the glory of Christ shining through the uniqueness of you. planbetitle “Settling on Plan Be” planbeintro “Blessed Desperation” planbepoor “When God says, ‘Good Grief!’”  planbemourn “Giant Strength, Gentle Touch”  planbemeek “Happy are the Hungry” planbehungry “Merciful Heavens!” PlanBeMerciful “No Posers” planbepure “The No Bull Peace Prize” PlanBePeacemaker “When Outcast is Cool” PlanBePersecuted “Will I Ever Be Good Enough?” PlanBeGoodEnoughmp3

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