What do you expect when you hear we’re starting a series on the book of Revelation?  Perhaps you think of large splashes of apocalyptic modern art–images that are practically unknowable.  Maybe you think of date-setting doomsday predictions that pass by like any other day on the calendar. The Apostle John’s own introduction to Revelation leads us to expect:
  • enhanced worship–a greater vision of Jesus Christ
  • a real (albeit incomplete) understanding of the destiny of mankind–understandable prophecy
  • a changed life–John says we’re blessed if we “heed” or take these things into account
Maybe NOT your initial reaction to Revelation!  Revelation describes the end of the world as we know it.  And I feel fine! (click on the links below for mp3 audio) End Times’ Spotlight  Rev1.1-3 Choose Your Jesus Rev1.4-8 Here Come Da Judge  Rev1.9-20 Where’s the Love?  Rev2.1-7  (Sorry–message not recorded) Your Net Worth Rev2.8-11 Fixed Reference or Slippery Slope? Rev2.12-17 Porn Queen Rev2.18-29 Coming Around Rev3.1-6 Exile Gospel Rev3.7-13 Best Dressed Rev3.14-22 About So Far  Rev4 Destiny Bringer (Sorry, program variety made this message impractical to record) Who is Able to Stand? Rev6-7 Fateful Lightning Rev8-11 Survival Strategies Rev12 Survival Strategies Part 2 Rev13 Incentives  Rev14 Escape from Babylon Rev17-18 And the Bride Wore . . . Rev19.1-10 Rend the Heavens Rev19.11-21 Who Rules?  Rev20.1-10 The Best Part of Heaven  Rev21.1-4 Heaven in for Real Rev21.5-8 Imagine! There Is a Heaven Revelation for Keeps

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