The story of Moses found in Exodus is great reading just for the story line.  Think of Moses as the original Rocky:  the rise from obscurity to larger-than-life hero with shoulders wide enough to carry the burdens and aspirations of his people.

But Moses has inspired much more than early morning runs in gray hooded sweatshirts.  The life of Moses has been read as national hero and continues to be claimed as the prototype for social or personal reform.  Moses fits into all of those discussions, BUT ONLY AFTER we take at face value what God has revealed about his place in the grand story of God’s redemption.

These are our goals for the Rescue series:

  • Celebrate Moses’ fixed place in redemptive history
  • Observe God’s heart for freeing people from the slavery of sin by reading Moses through the cross.
  • Identify with the bondage of sin and the joy of liberty
  • Aspire to be a liberator
  • Learn God’s path to freedom
Click the links below for sermon audio:

Promise:  the Backdrop of Bondage 08-08-10

Wakin’ Up in Chains 08-15-10

Bad to the Bone Rescue3

The SHAPE of a Liberator Rescue4

The Critical Choice Rescue5

Who Am I? Rescue6

Knock Your Socks Off Deliverance Rescue7

Remember the Alamo Rescue8

Experience the Best Teacher? Rescue9

Missions:  Rescue on a Global Scale Rescue10

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