Unless you’re quite a bit younger than me, you’ve probably never shared your playlist. If you’re older than me, a “playlist” is the digital list of songs you like most.

It strikes me that sharing that list could be kind of a vulnerable thing to do. When you share your playlist, you’re saying “listen to this–it’s what I find good, and beautiful, and important, and fun. It’s what moves me.”

The Psalms is God’s playlist. Listen in!

Psa 61 Prayer from the End of My Rope 1Psa61
Psa 142 How to Pray on the Run 2Psa142
Psa 13 Abandoned!? 3Psalm13
Psa 1 Key Performance Indicator 4Psa1
Psa 113 Reversal of Fortune 5Psalm113
Psa 146 Investing in Securities 6Psa146
Psa 65 The Moment Before the Music 7Psa65
Psa 138 Let Us Pray 8Psalm138
Psa 19 Music Appreciation 9Psalm19

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