It CAN Get Messy


The letters to the Corinthians are somewhat unique in the New Testament. In other letters, the readers are presumed to be somewhere on a scale from alienation to active persecution by their neighbors. They are outsiders when it comes to the city culture around them. The church at Corinth seems to have been pretty cozy with the city culture. In other letters, there is a distinctive doctrine to practice movement. However, First Corinthians is a bullet list of behavior problems. There is, no doubt, a connection between the disorders, difficulties and divisions Paul wrote to correct, and the fact that the people were operating with city values. It got messy in Corinth when the spirit of the city infected the heart of the church.

Let’s be honest. We know first hand what a church mess looks like. We don’t need to pretend to be shocked at the Corinthians. Are our community values a pure reflection of God’s revelation? Or are they mixed with the cultural values of our day?

The Church of God and the Spirit of the City1Co1.1-9
Welcome to the Club1Co1.10-17
Crossless Intelligence 1Co1.18-25
Status for Standing1Co1.26-31
Starring Christ 1Co2.1-5
No Wikki Religion 1Co2.6-3.4
Preacher Paparazzi 1Co3.5-4.5
The Doctrine of Dumb and Ugly 1Co4.6-21
Zero Tolerance 1Co5.1-13
So Sue Me 1Co6.1-11
Graffiti in the Temple 1Co6.12-20
Marriage Options1Co7
No Idol Threat 1Co8
I’ve Got My Rights! 1Co9
Cautionary Tale 1Co10.1-13
Idol Infidelity 1Co10.14-22
Image Isn’t Everything . . . BUT 1Co11
Truly Dead End Religion 1Co12.1-3
A Significant Contribution 1Co12.4-11
Let Me Tell You About My Church 1Co12.12-31
Shoop Shoop Church1Co13
“I Love You” Church Style 1Co14
The Gospel: History’s Heritage 1Co15.1-11
The Secret is Out! 1Co15.12-34
Before and After 1Co15.35-49
Death Sans Stinger 1Co15.50-58
Give it Up 1Co16.1-4
Influence Good and Bad 1Co16.13-18

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