First Word & Final Answer

If you compare the four gospels–cut, paste and harmonize every account–you might have the most complete picture of Jesus’ life.  But is it the best picture? Maybe it’s the difference between the multi-angle camera shots from today’s televised athletic events, and a helmet cam worn by your favorite player. Of the four, John’s Gospel is the one that is dramatically different in its content and personal in its presentation.  There is no better Gospel to read when you’re anxious to meet Jesus. And it may even serve the purpose better than a compilation. John’s Gospel begins “In the beginning was the Word.”  Toward the end, he clearly states his purpose:  “. . . written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that be believing you may have life in his name.” Let’s read John.  Let’s consider Jesus:  First Word and Final Answer. FirstWordFinalAnswer
First Word & Final Answer John 1:1
Just One More Thing John 1:1-18
Early Adopters John 1:19-51
Hint and Hallelujah John 2:1-4:26
Not by Sight John 4:43-54
Power Play John 5
The Staff of Life John 6
Breakthrough! John 9:1-41
Like a Shepherd Lead Us John 10:1-21
A Jesus for My Agenda John 10:22-42
Up and At 'Em John 11
Doubtless John 14:5-14
The Loneliest Number John 14:15-31
Pure Grape Extract John 15:1-16
Inclusive or Exclusive John 15:17-16:4
Intellectual Humility John 16:5-15
The 'Aha' Round the World John 16:16-33
A Good Man John 18-19
All God Can Do John 17:6-26
Faith's Trust Fund John 20:19-31
Proud Profession John 21:1-17
Sub Plot John 21:18-23
The Commons 1 John 1:1-4

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