Enough Already

I’m a genie and you’ve just popped the top on my home away from home. Thanks, now it’s payback time. Here’s the deal–times aren’t what they once were.  You don’t get three wishes.  Instead you get a choice.  You can have everything you want right now.  OR, you can have contentment.  Your answer please, I’ve got places to go. Too often I think, contentment is a destination.  It’s that travel poster of a beach in the Caribbean.  The thought is that we’ll save up and go there someday.  The Bible offers a superior ideal.  Live there.  Take your beach towel to work,  wear it while your pushing your cart through the warehouse store, drape it over your desk at school. How?  I’m encouraged that the apostle Paul said he had learned to be content.  Maybe you and I can too. Slide2  
The Picture of Contentment Psalm 73 & 131
Enough Already 1 Timothy 6:3-10
Demotivational Theology Various Scripture
The School of Contentment Philippians 4:10-13
Of Unicorns and Harmless Diversions Various Scripture
Grumbling: The Song of Discontentment Numbers 11
Footprints in the Sand Hebrews 13:5-6
The One Thing Phil 1 & Eph 6
The Eclipse Psalm 8

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