Maybe one of your new year’s resolutions included an exercise routine.  If so, one of the best motivators to keep that resolution is to track your progress with reference to a baseline.  By testing yourself at the outset, you’ll have a benchmark by which to objectively measure your progress. Now to really push it, you’re going to want to bump up your baseline as you get farther down the road.  Six months from now, you won’t find it nearly as motivating to climb the stairs in your split-level without getting winded.  You’ll want more, and you’ll expect more.  That’s when you’ll be ready to bump up the baseline! Have you adjusted your baseline since met Jesus?  Are you still measuring progress by your childhood definitions of faith, hope and love?  Time to bump the baseline!  LET’S GO!  PUSH ONE! Three Core Virtues Faith Up a Notch 1Faith Hope Bumped Up 2Hope Lovin’ Large Three Core Identities Never Less Dependent 4Child God’s Best Work 5NewCreation Church of the Macabre  6MemberBody Three Core Disciplines Talk to Me  7prayer Crave the Word  8Bible Cancer Free!  9Confession

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