The Great Gospel Roadtrip

Picture Luke at a table messy with handwritten memos, memorabilia, and photos.  Luke is making a scrapbook for Theophilus.  He’s got to be choosy or this book will be too big to carry!  So he chooses this incident and that story.  He recalls this moment, and borrows someone else’s notes for one he missed.  Luke wants to convey, not just a random assortment of occasions, but a message about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ went from Jerusalem to Rome after Jesus himself left the planet.  Turn the pages carefully.  Study each moment intently.  There’s lots to learn from The Great Gospel Roadtrip found in the book of Acts.Slide1
In Search of the Contemporary Jesus Acts1.1-2
Hurry Up and WaitActs 1.12-26
What Did You Expect?Acts2.1-13
Ah-Ha or Uh-Oh!Acts2.12-41
What You Want in a ChurchActs2.42-47
By What Power or What Name?Acts4
Faux FollyFaux FollyActs4.32-5.11
Time Will TellActs5.12-42
The Apostles’ Grecian FormulaActs6.1-7
The Seed of the ChurchActs6.8-8.1
The Middleman Acts8.4-25
Hardest Working Evangelist Ever Acts8.26-40
Don't Write Me Off Acts9.1-31
Bon Appetit' Acts10.1-11.18
Gone Viral Acts11:19-30
Your Great Escape Acts 12:1-24
Ready to be Willing and Able Acts 13:1-3
Double Diamond Trail Acts 13:4-14:28
Close Shave for the Gospel Acts 15
So Hard to Decide Acts 15:36-16:40
They're the People That You Meet Acts 17
Must the Show Go On? Acts 18
God's People Version 2.0 Acts 19:1-7
The Salvation Army Acts 19:8-41
Your Race, No Regrets Acts 20:17-38

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