Faith.  The word is common, but the concept is largely unexamined. Just as most individuals would describe themselves as a “spiritual person,” so it’s not likely to get challenged if you say, “you gotta have faith.”  Or, “don’t stop believing.” But what does it mean?  Is faith a steel rod that runs through your back to keep you strong?  Is it a sticky substance in your veins that holds you to a task?  Is it the rough equivalent of optimism? Along with love and hope, faith is one of the cardinal virtue that marks a mature church in the New Testament epistles.  In this series, we’ll examine the nature of faith, great faith, little faith, strong faith, weak faith, and any other kinds we can turn over. May yours increase as the Holy Spirit takes this truth to heart! (click on the links below for sermon audio) Faith’s Victory Faith1 A Wish and a Prayer  [sorry--essential information now lost for all time :) ] Dead Faith and Demon Faith Faith3 Little Faith  Faith4 Fido Faith  Faith5 Weak Faith and Strong Faith6 The Prayer of Faith Faith7 Opiate of the Masses Faith8

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