Commentator Frederick Godet described the Epistle to the Romans as “the cathedral of the Christian faith.” That imagery has stuck with me as I have been meditating on the message of Romans.  It is truly a cathedral.  Everywhere you look your eye is met with intricacy, beauty and majesty. But I’ve imagined a particular cathedral, one that is also a refuge.  Romans describes a real and present storm of God’s wrath.  It describes a way of escape–justification by faith.  And it describes a life of security from God’s temporal wrath within the gospel cathedral. I invite you to join us in this exposition of Romans with a sense of urgency, as we Run In!:  from under the wrath of God to shelter in the Cathedral of His Grace. Theme

Run In!  (1:16-17)  1RomRunIn

God’s Righteous Storm

Maelstrom!  the Storm that is God’s Wrath (1:18)  2RomMaelstrom

The Great Put Down:  2 Causes of God’s Wrath (1:18-23)  3RomPutDown

The Storm Breaks:  3 Effects of God’s Wrath  (1:28-32)  4RomSentence

What Won’t Save You When God Gets Angry

The Holier Than Thou Experiment (2:1-16)  5RomHolierExp

Egg Storage Tips (2:17-29)  6RomEggStor

(parenthesis answering Jewish objections 3:1-18)

Which Monster Are You?  (3:9-20)  7RomMonster

The Doorway to Shelter:  Imputed Righteousness

The Great Escape (3:21-26)  8RomEscape

The Implications of Faith (3:27-4:17)  9RomImplications

Heaven’s Impossible Odds (4:18-25)  10RomImpossibleOdds

Three Cheers!  (5:1-11)  11Rom3Cheers

The Many and the One (5:12-21)  12RomManyOne

From Mis to Triophe (6:1-14)  13RomTriomph

What’s the Legal Limit?  (6:15-23)  14RomLimit

Escape from Hotel California (7:1-12)  15RomHotelCA

Ordinary or Normal? (7:13-25)  16RomOridnary

Jailbird to Solid Citizen (8:1-7)  17RomJailbird

Kill or Be Killed (8:8-17)  18RomKillBeKilled

Agony of Victory (8:18-27) 20RomAgony

Break the Pity Habit (8:28-30) message not recorded

Fight Fear with Faith (8:31-39) 22RomFightFear

Unfathomable His Ways (9) 23RomUnfathomable

Grace Ethic (9:30-10:4) 24RomGraceEthic

Saved Like That (10:5-13) 25RomSavedLikeThat

The Missing Link (10:14-21) 26RomMissingLink

No Take Backs! (11) 27NoTakeBacks

I Do (12:1-2)

Pecking Order Problems (12:3-8) 29PeckingOrder

Besties and Beasties (12:9-21) 30BestiesBeasties

With Liberty, Justice, and Subjection for All (13:1-7) 31LibertySubjection

Deep in Debt (13:8-10) 32DeepDebt

Up and Dressed (13:11-14) 33UpandDressed

Trick or Treat 34TrickTreat

Liberty’s Leash

Extra-Strength Christians 36XStrengthXstian

Doubt Your Hopelessness 37DoubtHopeless

Bragging Rights 38BraggingRights

Brace Yourself 39BraceYourself

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