Just the nudge you need…

EncourageTitle en-cour-age-ment \in-’ker-ij-ment\  n 1: something that almost everybody wants but few know how to give It’s more than a sympathy card. What the Bible envisions for  church communities is an atmosphere that:
  • urges
  • admonishes
  • exhorts
  • cheers
  • inspires
  • charges
  • and yes, comforts.
Encouragement is a multi-dimensional ministry to keep us all moving forward “so that (we) would walk in a manner worthy of the God who calls (us) into His own kingdom and glory.” Have you stopped moving?  How did you get stuck?  Was it grief?  Confusion?  Indecision?  Loneliness?  Rebellion?

Encouragement is just the nudge you need to get out of your stuck-ness!

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