Grace for Tomorrow

Running Scared Chapter Twelve Grace for Tomorrow If anxiety and worry thrive on the unknown future, the promise of future grace is the believer’s peace. That’s the chapter in a nutshell. Anxiety asks for more information so it can be prepared for the coming apocalypse. It also asks for more information so it can manage the world apart from God. Worry and anxiety think that more information will help. The truth, of course, is that it won’t (pp. 137-138). Welch argues that what calms anxiety in the present will also work for worry that looks ahead. Jesus cure for worry in the now was a kingdom focus where the love of the King is our delight and we search for ways to express that love to others. The cure for anxiety about the future is to believe that God’s grace will be sufficient to sustain our kingdom mission. The grace that we may count on for tomorrow will not shield us from experiencing hardship. If you get in the car accident you dread, you will have grace to know that God is with you, and you will have grace to bear fruit even in that difficult situation. If your loved one dies before you, you will have grace to know God’s comfort and to shine brightly as you reflect your Father’s glory. If poverty knocks on your door, you will have grace to trust your King and know that poverty cannot detract from your privilege of being an ambassador who blesses others in his name (p.140). This grace does ensure that we will have what we need to sustain us. Furthermore, this grace for tomorro’s need will be more than we can imagine today. We will fail if we project onto tomorrow, the grace that we have been given for today. My own journey This last thought was my take hom for the chapter. When I have anxiety about an upcoming situation, I should not be surprised that I cannot imagine today how God’s grace could be sufficient for that eventuality. By learning my faith lessons today, I can prepare myself for the crises of tomorrow. But that preparation is not the skills of self-sufficiency, it is simply the instinct and ability to trust.

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