God’s Routine

If I didn’t know better, I’d think God was awfully bored.  After all, He’s heard it all before. Even I get tired of same ol’, same ‘ol.  Same top 40 playing over and over on the radio.  Same lunch routine.  New movies–with the same old plot. twiddling_thumbs Things that happen to us only occasionally seem to break the routine.  Even an every third month oil change can seem exotic.  But I guarantee it’s not exotic to the guy in the pit at the local drive-through zippy lube.  And our all-knowing everywhere God has presided over every dropped oil drain plug. And what about that cool chorus that we haven’t sung at church in three months?  God heard it three million times last Sunday.  I know our worship team does it really well, but still . . . .  How does an infinitely creative God bear the repetition? I think God finds pleasure when words He’s heard almost endlessly emerge from a soul that speaks them directly, personally, sincerely.  He delights in them when they flow from a “we’re having a moment here” context. In that sense a new song can be old hat before the lyrics are written down.  BUT its also true that I can sing a new song today with lyrics composed centuries ago!  I hope to bring God a little pleasure today with a new song–just to give Him a little break from the routine.

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