God Fixed Our Refrigerator Water and She Just Won’t Let It Go

A while back — I suppose it’s been a few months now — the water dispenser in our refrigerator stopped working. I don’t know what the problem was. The appliance isn’t even a year old. But it really wasn’t urgent enough to squeeze out anything on my “to do” list. I replaced a filter that was due and when that didn’t clear things up, I let the item slip back down to the end of the list. Things like that just happen. And for my wife and our 5 year-old daughter, things like that are just simple enough to ask God to fix. He did. And then, not too long after the miraculous flood, the rock once again refused to gush. Taking a lesson from Moses, I set my rod aside and did not strike. But it was enough to make one wonder whether there had ever been a miracle. For our daughter though, the “fix” had already been discovered and applied. It simply needed to be “serviced” again. So she prayed, and once again we were ice-cold refreshed. Now it’s been weeks. The enthusiastic “hallelujah!” is past. But the thing has become a fixture in Rachel’s bedtime prayers just as regular as “Heavenly Father” and “amen.” “And thank you Lord for fixing the refrigerator water.” She just won’t let it go! I don’t suppose I ever explicitly decided there should be an expiration date on thanksgiving, but her tenacity has surprised me even so. And challenged me.

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