Friesens v. Wild

The Friesen family went camping this week. I’d like to conjure an image of “Man v. Wild” but alas, a little cabin must and mildew is as wild as it got. I can say with some satisfaction that we did complete the Nebraska camper triathlon — sunburn, mosquito bites and ticks! We made a bit of an observation regarding the three plagues: insect repellent and sunscreen offer little protection without application. No one suffered because of lack of sensitivity to the issues. But careful planning and packing were little consolation for the itch and the burn. James 1 comes to mind: “humbly accept the word planted in you, which can save you. Do not merely listen to the word, and so decieve yourselves. Do what it says.” I’m confident the object lesson has lasted as long as the burn. I hope it will have the tenacity of a tick! These little getaways are important for the Friesen clan. Carolyn and I watched the hearts of our children turn once again toward each other. In an unhurried conversation, we reflected on how utilitarian relationships can become in the hustle and bustle of schedules and agendas. Even within families, people can become simply a resource or an obligation pretty quickly. It’s true, love can be, no must be expressed by serving one another within a busy routine. But we want more than that. Spending time together “away from it all” reminds us what it means to cherish each other. I’ve got a renewed determination to give the Lord that kind of unqualified time too. No doubt that will require He and I to “get away from it all” occasionally, but I hope that the effects will follow me back from camp.

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