“Do Not Worry”

Running Scared Chapter Nine Do Not Worry This chapter begins a section in Welch’s book entitled God speaks on money and possessions. The chapter brings Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (particularly Matthew 6:25-34) into the discussion. The author suggests that the Old Testament manna story, with its lessons, is a prequel to the Sermon on the Mount. Welch examines the passage phrase by phrase. What is important? [The] new kingdom is so beautiful and important that it can override our worries about everyday concerns like food and clothing (p.106). Your Father cares for the needs of the birds. Rather than rebuking us for our concern with physical needs, Jesus actually hears my myopic concerns and sets out to prove that our daily needs “our physical needs”are important to God (p.107). You are more important than birds. Because we are uniquely made in God’s image, God has a unique interest in caring for us. He clothes non-human creation in beauty. He will certainly do the same and more for you. The argument is that if God cares for these transient aspects of creation, won’t he care much more for children who share in his eternal kingdom? (p. 108). O you of little faith. This is the essential question for all worriers: Whom do I trust? Seek first his kingdom. When you seek the King, you are seeking the kingdom. Reorienting your life around the fact that God is in control of a kingdom that is His own not yours is key to resolving worry. Therefore, don’t worry about tomorrow. The word tomorrow reminds us of the manna story. God takes responsibility for the big picture so we can function within the area of our own responsibility. My own journey I have a friend who regularly reminds me of the value of a good job description. His concern is not so much from the perspective of management; holding someone to their obligations. His perspective is how the job description frees an employee to focus on his/her own responsibilities and not become overwhelmed. I can readily identify with trying to carry more responsibility than God intends. I can quickly feel pressure for results that are outside of my abilities, and outcomes that are beyond my control. Whenever I do, anxiety is near to hand. Discussion Work through the key phrases of Matthew 6:25-34 highlighted by Welch. Identify the significance of each phrase in relation to worry.

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