Do Not Trust in Man

Running Scared Chapter Fifteen Do Not Trust in Man One way to track fears and worries is to follow the money. Another is to follow them back to other people’s possible judgments of us (p.171). In chapter 15, Welch shifts our attention to another source of fear our craving for approval. He reminds us of his previous maxim: whatever you think you need will control you. The author uses the story of the spies of Israel in Numbers 13 and 14 to illustrate the fear of man. This is a fear of enemies, but Welch points out that there is a correlation to our more common people fears. We too can encounter enemies that threaten our lives, but more often our enemies are those who threaten things as important to us as life itself. They have the power to both give and take away our reputation, acceptance, prestige, and love (p.177). Welch assures us that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be loved or wanting a good reputation. The trouble comes when this desire supercedes our desire for God’s glory. The author reminds us that we have all, at times, been ashamed to stand for the Gospel. Discussion What did you do in high school to manage your image? Did you think you would grow out of that insecurity? In what ways have you NOT grown out of it? What do you need from other people? Where do you value people and what they can give above God? How do you put your trust in others?

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