Jesus take me with you.

“Jesus take me with you” is the prayer I’ve asked you to breathe as we begin this adventure together. Jesus daily crosses the paths of our neighbors and coworkers, continuing His redeeming work through the Holy Spirit. Let’s take a couple of quick steps to catch up with Him each morning. Let’s consciously get out there and join Him! Our goal at Eagle Heights is not to whip up a short-term evangelistic fervor. There’ll be no heroic shout of “freedom!” to drown our fears followed by a headlong rush down the Romans road. No, and guilt won’t do for a motivator either. We’re proceeding under the assumption that as we prize the message, and become active observers of God at work around us, we’ll be drawn into our role as ambassadors in a very natural, sustainable way. Every wayward person I meet would live a vastly better life if God’s love, grace, and redemption were operating in their lives. Do you believe it? I do, and yet I recognize that there’s still room for that conviction to grow. Lord, may our wonder at the Good News outpace our familiarity. And while we’re praying Lord, please take us beyond God sightings to God promptings. Glimpsing a resplendent rainbow, I’m a tad selfish not to point it out to my companion. We’ve certainly missed the heart of God if we linger too long at private worship and ignore His passion to spread the glory. A little breathless but still determined: “Jesus take us with you.”

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