Sunday Morning

Stake Your Claim

In 1889 tens of thousands of anxious settlers waited at the edge of opportunity.  Then, when canons roared, the rush was on for Oklahoma land.  Boomers spurred their horses, Sooners crept out of hiding, and all joined the mad dash to stake a claim and alter their destiny. In the Old Testament, it was Joshua [...]

Focus Factor

Jesus said he would return.  The angels said Jesus would return.  The disciples expected him to return.  And the apostles wrote that he would return.  Jesus is coming back, and faithful Christians down through the ages have longed for his appearing. But they have not all waited the same way. Some get organized.  With highlighters [...]

Enough Already

I’m a genie and you’ve just popped the top on my home away from home. Thanks, now it’s payback time. Here’s the deal–times aren’t what they once were.  You don’t get three wishes.  Instead you get a choice.  You can have everything you want right now.  OR, you can have contentment.  Your answer please, I’ve [...]

First Word & Final Answer

If you compare the four gospels–cut, paste and harmonize every account–you might have the most complete picture of Jesus’ life.  But is it the best picture? Maybe it’s the difference between the multi-angle camera shots from today’s televised athletic events, and a helmet cam worn by your favorite player. Of the four, John’s Gospel is [...]

Election ’16

I generally put in a paragraph here to describe the content of a sermon series. Imagine a paragraph describing Election 2016! I’ve looked long and hard and I’m sorry to say that God’s Word won’t tell you explicitly how to vote in November. But it does have something to say. Check it out! Who Can [...]

The Great Gospel Roadtrip

Picture Luke at a table messy with handwritten memos, memorabilia, and photos.  Luke is making a scrapbook for Theophilus.  He’s got to be choosy or this book will be too big to carry!  So he chooses this incident and that story.  He recalls this moment, and borrows someone else’s notes for one he missed.  Luke [...]

What a Beautiful “Dei”

We often hear a message that sounds like:  ”live free.” “be true to yourself,” and  ”cast off expectations.”   Sounds noble enough.  But when it all gets cooked down, it can turn out to be a doctrine of being responsible to no one but yourself; of answering to no one higher than yourself.  Is that [...]

Caller Unknown

Are you likely to answer the call, if God isn’t in your contacts? Here’s what it’s going to take to make God more than an acquaintance. Caller Unknown 1CallerUnknown What Kinda Fool 2WhatKindaFool God is Great, God is Good 3GoodGreat How Do I Love You? 4HowLoveYou The Exhibit 5TheExhibit What’s That You Say? 6WhatSay

Going for Broke

It happens occasionally, sure.  But who would ever value brokenness?  Is there any benefit to being broken?  Is there any other way to be whole? Going for Broke  1GoingForBroke Better for Being Broke  2BetterBroke Wounded or Broke?  3BrokeNotWounded God Heals the Brokenhearted  4GodHeals A Painful Reminder  5PainfulReminder Magic Tears  6MagicTears Going for Broke (Reprise)  7VolunteerBroke

Bring It!

Guys are often guilty of this.  Some of us can spend hours at the big box store looking at tools.  We are fascinated with the promised capability.  Sometimes the draw becomes irresistible and we take the tool home–just to have that promised capability.  ”I’ve never serviced my own car, but if I ever have to tighten a [...]

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