Ordinary Attempts

Penn Says: A Gift of a Bible

Cup of Cold Water

One of Jim Henderson’s best observations is the idea that the “cup of cold water” of our day is attention. Think about it! I think you’ll agree it’s a great application. The cup of cold water that Jesus talked about was certainly a common thing in His day — common that is, in the sense [...]

What did you expect?

The Lord is laughing at me because my mouth is hanging open. Extraordinary! A dozen roses grace our table and there are pennies in the pot. Twenty minutes of ordinary attempt testimonies “interrupt our regularly scheduled services!” Where are you going with this, Lord? Give us favor wherever we go! Lead us waist deep into [...]

Ordinary Attempts

I was a little giddy the first time I read Jim Henderson describing the seemingly little things that nudge people toward peace with God. Eventually becoming distilled in his book Evangelism Without Additives, his ideas had me thinking, “even I could do that!” Henderson convinced me that walking in the world with Jesus, I could [...]

Jesus take me with you.

“Jesus take me with you” is the prayer I’ve asked you to breathe as we begin this adventure together. Jesus daily crosses the paths of our neighbors and coworkers, continuing His redeeming work through the Holy Spirit. Let’s take a couple of quick steps to catch up with Him each morning. Let’s consciously get out [...]

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