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“Do Not Worry”

Running Scared Chapter Nine Do Not Worry This chapter begins a section in Welch’s book entitled God speaks on money and possessions. The chapter brings Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount (particularly Matthew 6:25-34) into the discussion. The author suggests that the Old Testament manna story, with its lessons, is a prequel to the Sermon on [...]

Worry About Worry

Running Scared Chapter Eight Worry About Worry Here’s a twist. Maybe worry itself is something to fear. Welch suggests that the repetition of God’s command not to worry indicates there is something dangerous in fear and worry in and of themselves. To make his point, he appeals to Mark 4:14-20. This passage is Jesus’ explanation [...]

The God of Suspense

Running Scared Chapter Seven The God of Suspense “Deliverance is grand except for one thing: it isn’t deliverance unless it’s the eleventh hour. There first has to be some kind of danger for there to be deliverance. Such drama is fun to watch in movies and great to hear in other people’s stories, but we [...]

A Season of Suffering

On the last Sunday of January, I interrupted our current sermon series to talk about how suffering affects the church. This initiative came from our Lay Pastors as we identified the number of people in our congregation being directly affected by some very painful circumstances. We concluded that Eagle Heights is experiencing God’s blessing in [...]

The Manna Principle

Running Scared Chapter Six The Manna Principle Welch writes: “The manna story is the story for all worriers.” In chapter six, he develops what the story of God’s provision for the Israelites has to say to we who fear in the 21st century. True to his earlier advice, the author notes what the story says [...]

Do Not Be Afraid

Running Scared Chapter Five Do Not Be Afraid With chapter five, Welch turns from observations about the experience of fear and worry to what God has to say on the subject. “Do not be afraid” is God’s most frequent command in the Bible, occurring over three hundred times. The author wants us to be alert [...]

Anxiety and Worry Chime In

Running Scared Chapter Four Anxiety and Worry Chime In In chapter four, Welch’s goal is to expand the discussion beyond particular fears to the more general outlook of worry. At the end of the chapter he quotes Freud to demonstrate the significance of worry as a window to the soul: “There is no question that [...]

Fear Speaks

Running Scared Chapter Three Fear Speaks “. . . fear is speaking, and we should listen” (p. 37). That’s the gist of chapter three. Fear’s most obvious message is that there is danger, but Welch hopes to help us listen carefully enough to get beyond the obvious. After acknowledging that the world is full of [...]

Your Fear

Running Scared Chapter Two Your Fear I have a new philosophy. I only dread one day at a time. – Charlie Brown “Rather than minimize your fears, find more of them. Expose them to the light of day because the more you find the more blessed you will be when you hear words of peace [...]

A World of Fear

Running Scared Chapter One A World of Fear Welch surveys our experience with fear from childhood to adulthood. His conclusion is that fear is natural—we have don’t have to learn it. Furthermore, fears don’t go away. With greater freedom and responsibility, fears multiply throughout life. Welch offers a nice chuckle on the psychiatry of fear: [...]

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