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Maybe one of your new year’s resolutions included an exercise routine.  If so, one of the best motivators to keep that resolution is to track your progress with reference to a baseline.  By testing yourself at the outset, you’ll have a benchmark by which to objectively measure your progress. Now to really push it, you’re [...]


What do you expect when you hear we’re starting a series on the book of Revelation?  Perhaps you think of large splashes of apocalyptic modern art–images that are practically unknowable.  Maybe you think of date-setting doomsday predictions that pass by like any other day on the calendar. The Apostle John’s own introduction to Revelation leads [...]


Faith.  The word is common, but the concept is largely unexamined. Just as most individuals would describe themselves as a “spiritual person,” so it’s not likely to get challenged if you say, “you gotta have faith.”  Or, “don’t stop believing.” But what does it mean?  Is faith a steel rod that runs through your back [...]

The Convicting Spirit

Blessed Spirit, author of all grace and comfort, Come, work repentance in my soul; Represent sin to me in its hideous colors so I will hate it; Melt my heart by the majesty and mercy of God; Show me my ruined self and the help there is in Him; Teach me to behold my Creator, [...]

Over It!

If a past experience is having a controlling, or undo influence in our lives–we need to get over it!  It might be something happy, and now we’re constantly trying to live up to it.  It could be something horrible, and now we’re constantly trying to live it down. Even if you could change it, you [...]

Heartland Proclamation

I read today the article posted at  “Omaha Minister Organizes Effort To Welcome Gays to Church.”  The tagline of the article is “Clergy Proclamation:  Being Gay Not a Sin.” I hoped that someone had found a voice to say:  “We welcome everyone.  Being gay is not an unpardonable sin.”  I was disappointed. Rev. Erick [...]


Commentator Frederick Godet described the Epistle to the Romans as “the cathedral of the Christian faith.” That imagery has stuck with me as I have been meditating on the message of Romans.  It is truly a cathedral.  Everywhere you look your eye is met with intricacy, beauty and majesty. But I’ve imagined a particular cathedral, [...]


The story of Moses found in Exodus is great reading just for the story line.  Think of Moses as the original Rocky:  the rise from obscurity to larger-than-life hero with shoulders wide enough to carry the burdens and aspirations of his people. But Moses has inspired much more than early morning runs in gray hooded [...]

Just the nudge you need…

en-cour-age-ment \in-’ker-ij-ment\  n 1: something that almost everybody wants but few know how to give It’s more than a sympathy card. What the Bible envisions for  church communities is an atmosphere that: urges admonishes exhorts cheers inspires charges and yes, comforts. Encouragement is a multi-dimensional ministry to keep us all moving forward “so that (we) [...]


From the PBS special “The Blues”: On a lonely night in 1903, W.C. Handy, the African American leader of a dance orchestra, got stuck waiting for a train in the hamlet of Tutwiler, Mississippi. With hours to kill and nowhere else to go, Handy fell asleep on a hard wooden bench at the empty depot. [...]

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