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Let’s just try this!

Caller Unknown

Are you likely to answer the call, if God isn’t in your contacts? Here’s what it’s going to take to make God more than an acquaintance. Caller Unknown 1CallerUnknown What Kinda Fool 2WhatKindaFool God is Great, God is Good 3GoodGreat How Do I Love You? 4HowLoveYou The Exhibit 5TheExhibit What’s That You Say? 6WhatSay

Going for Broke

It happens occasionally, sure.  But who would ever value brokenness?  Is there any benefit to being broken?  Is there any other way to be whole? Going for Broke  1GoingForBroke Better for Being Broke  2BetterBroke Wounded or Broke?  3BrokeNotWounded God Heals the Brokenhearted  4GodHeals A Painful Reminder  5PainfulReminder Magic Tears  6MagicTears Going for Broke (Reprise)  7VolunteerBroke

Bring It!

Guys are often guilty of this.  Some of us can spend hours at the big box store looking at tools.  We are fascinated with the promised capability.  Sometimes the draw becomes irresistible and we take the tool home–just to have that promised capability.  ”I’ve never serviced my own car, but if I ever have to tighten a [...]

Sunday Best

“Sunday Best” brings to mind shopping, an air of excitement, crisp pressed creases and frilly ruffles. It’s black and white. It is pomp and display. It is also orchestration, etiquette and decorum. “Sunday Best” is order brought about by protocol and expectations. And so, “Sunday Best” also brings to mind a certain uncomfortable stiffness. We’ve [...]


Unless you’re quite a bit younger than me, you’ve probably never shared your playlist. If you’re older than me, a “playlist” is the digital list of songs you like most. It strikes me that sharing that list could be kind of a vulnerable thing to do. When you share your playlist, you’re saying “listen to [...]

Humble Pie

Nobody wants it. You’ve probably been advised NOT to pray for it! But we’re getting no where with God without it. It’s humility. Come and get you some! Ubiquitous Pride1Humble The Pride Before the Fall2Humble Against the Wind3Humble Blind Spot 4Humble Give It Up or Have It Taken 5Humble Proud Submission 6Humble What Humble People [...]

It CAN Get Messy

The letters to the Corinthians are somewhat unique in the New Testament. In other letters, the readers are presumed to be somewhere on a scale from alienation to active persecution by their neighbors. They are outsiders when it comes to the city culture around them. The church at Corinth seems to have been pretty cozy [...]

On the House

Current series on the topic of grace.  Click the links for Mp3 files. Supra Fair 1Matt20 Your First Taste of  Grace  2GraceGospel Grace for Saints 3GraceHoly Harsh Reality’s Gentle Spouse 4GraceTruth A Label I Can Live With  5GraceSelfEsteem Grace and Shame  6GraceShame Achilles Grace 7GraceWeakness Influential Grace  8InfluentialGrace Talk the Walk 9TalkWalk

When I Met Jesus . . .

Every encounter with Jesus is a crossroad.  It begins with an offer.  Jesus says He can give you eternal life and that He will on the sole condition that you believe Him for it.  After accepting that initial offer comes a million invitations to follow.  Are you listening? The Gospels record the stories of numerous [...]

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