Pastor Mike

Mike Friesen is a second-generation pastor. His father started a new church in Omaha in 1964. Although growing up in a ministry minded home, Mike didn’t consider professional Christian service until after exploring an education in engineering. After transferring from the University of Nebraska, Mike met Carolyn at Grace University. The two were married six months after graduation. Between 1985 and 1990 Mike completed requirements for a Master’s degree in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. God’s work in the world has always been an interest, and both Mike and Carolyn have served overseas on several occasions. Pastor Mike began service at Eagle Heights in April of 2005 following ministries at two other churches. God has blessed Mike and Carolyn with seven children. Between all kinds of activities with the kids, Mike enjoys home remodeling projects. Pastor Mike: pastor mike “My great delight is to serve God’s people by using the shepherding and teaching gifts He has entrusted to me. I’ve been asked if teaching in a Bible college was a consideration for the future. I love to teach and have served as an adjunct professor at Grace University-but to me it’s never been academic. The abundant life that Jesus tantalizes us with is not out of reach, nor is it the reward of simply “doing church.” My heart’s desire is to equip believers to passionately worship God, sensitively minister to one another and effectively witness to the lost. As an eager student of God’s Word, I am constantly amazed at the soul-satisfying truth of His revelation. Through creative and thought-provoking communication in both large and small group settings, I long to see men and women transformed by the renewing of their minds with the goal “that we may present every man complete in Christ.”